1940s Yearbook Photos from Ms. Ruth




This past weekend I got to spend some time with one of my sweet friends, Ms. Ruth, who is 88 years old. I love getting to talk to her because she says the funniest things and is full of good ol’ fashioned Southern lady charm. While I was at her house, Ms. Ruth let me look at her yearbooks from high school and college ranging from 1939 to 1945. She went to a high school here in Tuscaloosa and then on to the University of Alabama (she was in the Million Dollar Band while she was there).

I’m a sucker for vintage yearbooks. It’s like looking at a time capsule of life in that year. Here are some photos from Ms. Ruth’s yearbooks:


1939 high school yearbook superlative photos. Right: Someone (probably Ms. Ruth) wrote in the Friendliest Boy’s nickname. Left: The most popular girl looks like a Hollywood starlet!


A photo from a Christmas event in 1943. I love the photo’s caption.



Girl and her bicycle (and her cigarette in hand). So pretty.



“Ain’t it hell — week”
Look at those mowers!


This is one of my favorites. The girl in the middle is Ms. Ruth when she was in high school! I want to get this photo printed in a large size and framed to give to her for her birthday next month (she doesn’t have internet so she probably won’t see this!)



Another photo of Ms. Ruth.


This section heading was in one of the high school books for the girls’ physical education. Weaker, huh??



From one of the high school books. Caption reads, “Miss Em cooking hotdogs by chemistry.”



For shame, Dr. Dowling! (from a high school yearbook)



What exactly are you implying, John Duggar? (senior quotes in a high school yearbook)


Emotional eating in 1943.


It’s hard to believe that one day my high school yearbook will be “vintage”. ¬†I graduated in 2010 when feather hair extensions, vampire movies, and silly bandz were in their prime (shudder).

What year did you graduate, and what fads or trends show up in your yearbook that future generations might find humorous?



  • June 21, 2013 - 1:16 pm | Permalink

    I love older people. I love the stories they have to tell, and the wisdom they impart. It’s great that you have such a friend. Yearbooks are a great too. I look at them to get ideas for hairstyles.

  • August 8, 2013 - 11:57 am | Permalink

    That yearbook is such a beautiful time capsule. I graduated in 2004. I’m sadly having a hard time remembering what the trends were at the time, I was so solely concerned with just getting the eff out of that hell hole! People looking back on our high school year book would be in awe of how poor quality it was, the drawings, pixelation, it’s a hideous thing!

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